1:1 mentorship 

for Preparation, Integration, & Mindfulness

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first journey or your fiftieth - the psychedelic space always has new offerings for us. 

Very often, these experiences turn out to be incredibly transformative. Intentional preparation helps us open up to receive whatever we’re meant to receive from the journey we’re embarking on. 

It’s time to take your insights, messages, and lessons and start threading them into your life and view everything through the lens of what they’ve offered you.

Integration work is incredibly necessary in our society - the rituals, support, and community that are necessary are not inherently built-in. The experience itself can often be a treasured event all on its own and the ah-ha moments can be so very potent. But if we aren’t intentional upon our return to our daily lives, where the day-to-day patterns tend to be deeply ingrained, the lessons get lost. Integration serves as the reminder and keeps your experience alive. 

There are so many powerful shifts that can come by bringing some mindful attention to your life just as it is. 

Invite in presence and actually be here for your life. But, that includes the hard stuff too. The more we practice, the better we are able to breathe through whatever life brings us. 

You’re not alone, and these are both spaces that can be felt into with kindness and integrated.

Trust me when I say that the whole of you is very powerful. There is no mountain too high or pit too deep that you are not able to surmount or emerge from.

Mindfulness alone is a powerful method for working through the trauma we carry around with us.

Practice allows us to start setting some of it down so our path ahead has the potential to get lighter and clearer. 

We are not separate from the fungus amongst us. 

There is so much room for exploration with these allies of ours - for love, connection, healing, and understanding. 

If you’d like to move through all of whatever you’re moving through more fluidly, graciously, easefully, and even joyfully, perhaps there’s some benefit to be gained from connecting to one another.

Let’s find out together.

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Kind Words

Saying that Christina has helped to change my life, simply does not convey how amazing she is.

She meets you at your level, and guides you through the process, unveiling things as you are ready for them. I started working with Christina after many years of severe stress had left me feeling broken, and a shell of my former self. When she asked me what I was hoping to get out of our coaching work together, I told her I just wanted to feel like me again. And through our work together, Christina has given me the gift of ME again. She is full of grace, knowledge, wisdom, and love. Always listening, and helping to guide with an open heart. She has gifted me with the tools, power, and insight to navigate this human life of ours, and I am beyond grateful for the work that she does, and what she has given me. Most importantly I’m grateful she is a part of my life. 


Christina is absolutely amazing.  

One year ago, I was suffering from anxiety, stress, and issues with my sleep. We meet weekly, and I have learned so many tools for dealing with my life concerns. She centers me, inspires me, and has helped me to change my outlook. I now have both my sons meeting with Christina, and it has improved their outlook tremendously. I can’t say enough in a review just how much I look forward to each session. It’s like I get reset or recharged to take on my days. There is no better therapist or spiritual guide.    


I began working with Christina immediately following my first journey with psychedelics to treat severe complex ptsd. 

I knew very little of the psychedelic world as a treatment option and knew less about the wellness community and what it has to offer. She was able to help me understand some of what I was experiencing and also how to re-frame my thought patterns post journey. We have done a number of helpful exercises that have helped me question myself when I felt old thought patterns starting to return. I also recently went to Costa Rica for a series of Ayahuasca ceremonies. She was incredibly helpful in preparing me as much as possible and supported me immediately upon return. I have tried so many other ptsd treatment options and none have given me the benefits I am seeing with psychedelics and more importantly the integration work post treatment that she offers. I highly recommend her services and they will change your life.    


My partner and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with an overnight ceremony hosted by Christina.

It was beautiful from start to finish and one of our most treasured shared experiences in 11 years of partnership. Our experience included a combination of MDMA and Psilocybin. This was out of our box in every way but it turned out to be exactly what we needed to usher in a new iteration of our love and connection. Christina made us feel comfortable and supported the entire time. She was always near in the event we desired anything but we had all of the privacy we needed. Her presence was warm and spacious- cooking, lighting candles, taking care of everything so that we could be fully present with one another. The integrity and intention that went into making the medicine was felt during our journey. It gently invited our attention to every beautiful, meaningful piece of our relationship. We have never felt more relaxed, connected and clear. Highly recommend adding bodywork to your session. We are still glowing with gratitude for this space and medicine. 


Integration and mindfulness coaching with Christina is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Christina. She intentionally provides a safe space for me to explore and reflect upon my journey in a meaningful way. Thank you Christina for pouring your passion into each and every practice we do together. Thank you for helping me uncover my joy and gratitude again.


Christina is so incredible to talk with.

I look forward to our sessions each week and feel 10 times better after we speak. She's helped me with many different of life's obstacles.


I feel more in tune with myself and my emotions than I ever have!

Working with Christina and going down this self exploration experience has been incredible!! So surreal and life changing in the best way. I feel more in tune with myself and my emotions than I ever have! I have a deeper trust in the (universe, god, goddess) whatever you like to call it, and the teachers all around us. I can’t thank her enough for creating such a safe and beautiful space for me to go down this journey. I was so nervous at first but her care and empathy put me at ease and made me want to continue on this healing journey. She’s so compassionate and is with you every step of the way of the integration process.


I'm looking forward to my next healing journey and know that Christina will be my facilitator again.

I met Christina through a mutual friend. I was initially nervous but after talking to Christina on the phone I could immediately sense her calm and confidence in her practice. Her intention set up my whole experience. I knew then that I was fully in.  When I met Christina for my journey, her energy was so calming and I felt at home. Everything was explained and I wasn’t pressured for time and was allowed to ask questions. I’m looking forward to my next healing journey and know that Christina will be my facilitator again. Thank you for allowing yourself to be a vessel in my journey. 


Thank you for you!

The impact that your energy has made in Angie’s and my life is incredible. When you throw a log on the fire next to one that is already burning, what happens? Both burn brighter…thank you for having the ability to be the first log! Your presence and thoughtful awareness are absolutely a gift, it is a pleasure to call you my friend!

The mindfulness and integrity that you are able to bring to the table…or into a reflection with me…are both grounding and liberating. To have a friend with a natural connection to the world around us and the universe inside us is a blessing! I hope that you can infuse more beasts and plants along your journey with the consciousness that you inhabit. 

 You are an isle amongst the waves, an oasis amidst the heat, a port in the storm for me…for certain, thank you for you!


My experience was a gift.

I was profoundly nervous regarding mushroom therapy. But my son implored me to explore this two years post loss of a loved one to COVID. Christina has an intuitive sense of how to help you bridge these emotional shards. She is calm, kind, vested and intelligent. Over a month of weekly sessions, I was able to step/lean into the therapy paradigm and a date was set. Her home is a sanctuary of healing and wellness. The artwork and color scheme are soothing; and set on an inviting landscape to explore and be. My experience was a gift.


Christina is one of those people.

Throughout our lifetime I believe we only meet a handful of people who truly care about changing your life for the better. Christina is one of those people. She has changed my life more than I could have imagined. If you listen to her words of wisdom and practice them in your daily life...your life will begin to change. I am blessed to have her as my coach and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking to change their life with an amazing, kind-hearted soul. 


People do not decide their futures. They decide their habits and their habits decide their futures. 

F.M. Alexander