greetings ☼

Hello! I’m Christina

May this space be an invitation for you to breathe.

If I could distill all of the lessons I’ve learned from the most powerful and impactful teachers in my life, they would coalesce into just that - an invitation to breathe.

My teachers are many. Some of them are earth medicines. Some are the experiences of my life, the curriculum that my human experience has led me through so far. 

I quickly realized that when I take them up on this invitation that they extend, this invitation to pause and reflect and settle, I am more in harmony with the world around me. This world that we’re in does not readily give out these invitations itself and it seems to be increasingly difficult to stay in harmony with all of its happenings. I’m right there with you. 

The practices I’ve learned and the teachings I’ve adopted as truth to live by have helped me move through the world more easefully, despite remaining aware that it’s all quite fragile and subject to change at any moment. 

They’ve helped me to stay kind, both to myself and others - not because it’s what I’m supposed to do or some ideal I’m trying to reach, but because it feels good. They’ve helped me keep perspective amidst the unrelenting opportunities to lose it.

I’ve learned presence. Now is the only time that exists, and I try to keep myself here as much as I can. I’ve become a caretaker of my inner world. When I tend to that garden, my outer life flourishes as well. As above, so below.

Lasting change does not get born out of being at war with yourself. 

All aspects of ourselves must be included on our path to healing, to self-realization, to feeling integrated and whole. 

Shining the light into the darker corners of our lives may not be comfortable, but freedom and spaciousness lie on the other side.

I’m still practicing everything I’ve learned. I’m still reminding myself to surrender to the journey and not expectations. I’m still shining the light into the hard places. I’m still releasing the need to arrive anywhere and to just embrace all that can be found right here and now. I’m looking forward to everything I have yet to learn.

Maybe you’re here because you’re ready for change. Maybe you don’t even know what for exactly, but part of you is seeking something. Maybe you’ve tried a few different things but you’re still stuck.

A pause, a breath, a reflection - that is what our work will be together. 

Invite these things in and let’s see what shifts. This life is a practice and so much more can be found when we practice together. 

With warmth and gratitude,